Jordan Simone is a coastal wedding & portrait photographer providing natural and timeless imagery for life’s most beautiful moments. Based in Cape May, NJ & destination.


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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

East Coast wedding photographer

How to choose your perfect wedding photographer!

Planning your dream wedding can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting the right vendors. Booking a wedding photographer is a pivotal decision, and with many professionals booked months or even a year in advance, the process can feel overwhelming. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the intricate world of wedding photography and ensure you find the perfect match for your special day.

Essential Preparations:
Before you start contacting wedding photographers, it’s essential to have a few key details in place:

  • Wedding Date & Venue: Knowing your wedding date and venue is fundamental, as it helps photographers check their availability for your specific location and time.
  • Photography Budget: Determine a rough budget for your photography needs. Having a ballpark figure in mind will help you narrow down your options and find photographers within your price range.
  • Consider a Wedding Planner: While optional, hiring a wedding planner can be incredibly beneficial. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations, making the selection process smoother.

When to Start Your Search:
Once you have your wedding date and venue confirmed, it’s time to start the search for your perfect photographer. Ideally, reach out to photographers approximately 9-18 months before your wedding date. However, even if your timeline is shorter, don’t hesitate to inquire about availability. If your desired photographer is unavailable, many professionals, including myself, collaborate with talented associate photographers who can capture your day with the same expertise and passion.

Why reach out to photographers so early?

  • Many in-demand wedding photographers get booked well in advance, often a year or more ahead.
  • By starting early, you have a wider selection of available photographers to choose from.
  • It allows you to thoroughly research and compare different photographers to find one whose style and personality align with your vision for the wedding.

Key Considerations:

  1. Photography Style: Wedding photographers vary in style, ranging from traditional and classic, candid and artistic, light and airy, dark and moody, true-to-color, etc. Research different styles to identify what resonates with your vision for the wedding – you can do this by looking through their Instagram, galleries on their website, or asking if they have a full wedding gallery that you can view.
  2. Photographer’s Personality: Your photographer will spend significant time with you on your wedding day. Schedule a wedding consultation to assess their personality and ensure you feel like you connect! Feeling at ease with your photographer is essential for capturing genuine moments.
  3. Photography Packages: Take a look at what they offer, and ask about the inclusion of a second shooter, additional services, and engagement sessions.

Choosing the right wedding photographer is about more than just capturing images; it’s about preserving the essence of your day! I hope these tips helped you with how to choose your perfect wedding photographer.

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MEET Jordan

Photography has stuck with me ever since I first looked through a plastic Fisher Price viewfinder as a child. Like a “wise” young adult, I talked myself out of studying it in college. But like a true artist, I made my way back to it soon enough.  

Despite working in Exercise Science and Occupational Therapy, my camera came with me everywhere I went—family gatherings, friends’ parties, vacations, or just a walk on the beach. It wasn’t long before I officially photographed my first family; falling in love with their stories and the affection between them. Wedding photography quickly became my primary focus. Through the years and working with over 400 clients, I’ve refined my artistic eye, honed my process, and remained just as passionate about people and the connections that form between us. 

Whatever you’re planning or celebrating, I’d be honored to artfully and intentionally capture meaningful moments you’ll treasure forever.