Jordan Simone is a coastal wedding & portrait photographer providing natural and timeless imagery for life’s most beautiful moments. Based in Cape May, NJ & destination.


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A couple having an intimate beach elopement ceremony, smiling at each other.


What is an Elopement? (and why you should choose one)

Eloping is no longer considered secretly running away to get married in a Las Vegas chapel with someone you met two days ago (I mean, it’s still an option).

What is an elopement?

Eloping has been redefined as a more intimate, casual way to tie the knot with your person (and a small gathering, if you wish) and can be planned in advance. What’s very different from a traditional wedding is the day is all about YOU and what you want, rather than feeling the pressure to please others’ expectations. Want to have your ceremony on a secluded beach at sunset, complete with a luxury picnic on the sand? Want to get married under a waterfall in the forest? Or, maybe you want to say your vows at the place where you first met and have an adventurous day, galavanting around town. While planning an elopement, the possibilities are endless and the price tag is unmatched.

Can vendors be involved?

Just because an elopement is more of a relaxed day, doesn’t mean that vendors cannot be involved in the planning and coordination process. In fact, in my honest opinion, vendors are very essential! For one, hiring a photographer is so important for capturing the most special ceremony. Other parts of the day you might want to be captured are a first look, couples portraits after the ceremony, you and your partner hosting an intimate dinner with a handful of your closest family and friends, the two of you enjoying a fun activity together, etc. As an added bonus, if your photographer is local to the location where you’re eloping, they might even have greater insight about the area and can suggest unique, fun, and relaxing things to do to celebrate your life together!

Why should you choose one?

The beauty of an elopement is that there is no right or wrong way to do things! It’s your day, your way, exactly how you’ve envisioned celebrating your commitment together. If you’ve ever been turned off by the stress that wedding planning can bring, but still want a day that is unique and special, an elopement is a great alternative.

Elopements are among some of my favorite things to document, and I have special packages for them! Click Here to learn more about my elopement packages.

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behind the lens

MEET Jordan

Photography has stuck with me ever since I first looked through a plastic Fisher Price viewfinder as a child. Like a “wise” young adult, I talked myself out of studying it in college. But like a true artist, I made my way back to it soon enough.  

Despite working in Exercise Science and Occupational Therapy, my camera came with me everywhere I went—family gatherings, friends’ parties, vacations, or just a walk on the beach. It wasn’t long before I officially photographed my first family; falling in love with their stories and the affection between them. Wedding photography quickly became my primary focus. Through the years and working with over 400 clients, I’ve refined my artistic eye, honed my process, and remained just as passionate about people and the connections that form between us. 

Whatever you’re planning or celebrating, I’d be honored to artfully and intentionally capture meaningful moments you’ll treasure forever.